Export: Eaten By The Sun

Eerie, mysterious, brutal. These are the words that spring to mind when listening to Export’s debut single “Eaten By The Sun”. Truly a haunting track. Louis Perritt of Sunlight For Honey who you may remember me reviewing way back when this blog started. I loved SFH and I’ve been eagerly awaiting to hear material from Louis’ new band. And let me tell you, Export pulls no punches with this one.

Now as we are aware, I generally criticise bands for not making records that aren’t accessible. But that is because if they don’t then they will never achieve mainstream success, which is something nearly every young musician wishes for. But Export clearly have gone against that idea in this song and it’s something I applaud them for. With this debut they are clearly trying to stand out.

“Eaten By The Sun” is not an easy song to listen to. It’s not danceable, you can’t whistle along to it. You feel uncomfortable listening. And all of this is clearly intentional. Truly revolutionary, different and utterly terrifying. With thunderous bass, heavy drums and dissonant synth, this track destroys your eardrums and melts your brain. In a good way of course.

We need bands like Export to push the limits of rock and roll, and they have been building this track up for a long time through their efforts on social media. It’s definitely paid off. Incorporating noise influences and Louis’ howling, spitting vocals. This isn’t a track you forget easily. Not because it’s catchy and sits in your head because you like it. But it’s something so utterly unique and frankly traumatic to listen to. I want to thank the band for allowing me to receive an early listen so I can review this absolute monster of a song. It’s available on all streaming platforms TONIGHT at 6pm. It’s truly an experience and I highly recommend listening to and following Export closely.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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