The Timeouts: Dancing With Your Best Friend’s Girlfriend

A couple of weeks ago I played an acoustic set in Nottingham with these chaps and I was immediately struck by how friendly all the members of the band are. Really nice guys who showed an interest in how other musicians write their songs, sources of inspiration and influences. No egos on display just a keen interest to get better at their songwriting and one of the best young bands to come from Mansfield for many years.
They are Kai Doyle on vocals and rhythm guitar, Josh Weston on lead guitar, Leon Chapman on bass and Frank Ashley on drums and this debut single is worth several of your listens. OK OK I know you will say the subject is naive and at a time when most bands want to get heavier in their sound, The Timeouts have a more pop/Arctic Monkeys style about them however they do it well. The sound is accessible and catchy and Kai manages to put over a some great vocal lines including……….He’s got a bottle of Stella Artois in his hand, watching me flirt with his bird. My escape routes planned. You know he gets up as though he’s gonna walk over but he’s too late, her arms are firmly wrapped around my shoulders.
Please don’t dismiss these guys, give them a listen and I bet you want to know them better?

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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