The Black Forest Punk Scene Is Still Alive and Kicking….

This 4 track EP music project by Always Upstream is actually a collaboration by musicians from several other German Punk bands including old school 80’s style punk band- S.A.D, Ska Punk Band-NO AUTHORITY and Oi Punk Band-DRINKING SQUAD. The members are Marco on guitar and vocals, Fips on drums and backing vocals, Simon B lead guitar and Simon N on bass and backing vocals.
4 songs that in total last just over 9 minutes. Fast paced punk like it used to be and always straight to the point.
Track 1-You’re The One immediately hits you with a lead guitar riff and then vocals, 2 minutes 17 seconds of raw, fast punk and snarling vocals. By the time you are liking this track it’s over and gone!
Track 2-Weakdays is 2 minutes 9 seconds of hard hitting punk. Really tight and solid bass/drums absolutely on it. Nice bridge on this song and as always, relentless in tempo.
Track 3-You Said!. Great guitar riff intro and the shortest song (just) it wastes no time in getting to the verse, chorus pattern
Track 4-I still Believe is the longest of the songs at 2 minutes 46 seconds and personally my favourite. Really attacking guitar sounds and the bass and drums are sooooooo tight.
There’s nothing fancy or pretentious about these guys and if you like your Punk old school then you have to give them a listen. The great thing about them is that the musicians are all in other bands and you can check them all out on social media easily which helps you understand their various influences.
I just need to find out when they are gonna leave The Black Forest and come over to England to play!

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