The Plan

Hey Folks!

It’s the time of year where everyone makes plans, sorts out their resolutions and prepares for the year ahead. I would like to do the same. This is the year where it all starts. I’ve got a game plan for my career, and I plan on taking this little blog as high as possible. In this post, I will explain my goals, my plans for achieving them and the obstacles in my path. Let’s do this.

What do I want to achieve? So many things, but all of them revolve around growing my reach, building Needs More Cowbell as a platform and becoming worthy of note in this industry. Starting this summer there will be three blog posts a week, regular YouTube content and I will begin work on longer-term projects, albums, documentaries, a music festival. I have so many ideas for projects to work on, and with every new one, I plan to top the last. I want to consistently improve and make the best content I can. The future is looking very exciting creatively and I only hope I can keep up with the work.

Further adding to the list of things to do, one of my larger shortcomings is my musical inability. I’m not a particularly good musician in the traditional sense. I can create music, I know a lot about certain aspects of music, but I’ve never been anything more than an average bass player. It’s been seven years since I first picked up my instrument and I know I should be better by now. I always played with the mindset of “playing when I feel like it” but I never subjected myself to regular rigorous practice. This too will change. I will be setting out a practice schedule for both bass and guitar, covering everything from ear training and theory to rhythm and songwriting. It’s a big task, but I want to one day look in the mirror and be proud that I am a master of my craft. It might take a decade or three, but I am determined to reach the level of my heroes.

The thing that worries me the most about this plan is how sustainable it is, I am an autistic person, prone to burn out and can get easily overwhelmed. I need to be aware of my needs and factor in rest time. If I can work six to eight hours a day and take weekends off, that will already be a huge leap from where I am now. It’s a scary and daunting prospect. Taking care of my physical health is important too, I need to make sure I am eating healthily, doing exercise, and sleeping well. I’m going to be spending large amounts of time in front of a screen, editing videos, producing tracks, writing posts, I need to make sure I take breaks and take steps to not ruin my posture slouching in a chair all day. I am confident with enough effort that I can do anything, but it may be a bumpy ride and I have no doubt I will have to take chunks of time off to recuperate.

Thank you for reading, I am certain that I will have a long future in music, but what form that takes I am unsure, it is a time of uncertainty. But no matter what, I am grateful to have my dear readers along for the journey.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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