A Decade In Waiting And Now Lockdown Gives You This….

Greenthrone are influenced by the classic Sludge/Doom rock genre but they do it so well with thunderous bass and guitar riffs and punishing rhythms from a heavy, heavy drummer. Rising from the ashes of Cincinnati Ohio’s Watchfire, founder and guitar/vocalist Danny Bays-wanting to step in the direction of Doom/Sludge/Crust formed Greenthrone in 2010 as a two piece of guitar/vocals and drums. In reaching out to Columbus, Ohio musician and multi instrumentalist of Deadsea and EYE, Lisa Bella Donna to play drums, the Greenthrone demos were recorded in a couple of sessions during 2010 and 2011. During that time another Columbus resident, Michael Sliclen, also of EYE and Tank Destroyer was brought in on bass but work as a 3 piece never materialised. There the tracks remained for 8 years, lurking underground and online. Flash forward to 2020 and yet another Columbus dweller but Conneticut native, this time drummer Charlie Taylor of Infernal Death and Cult Of Frost-approached Danny about resurrecting Greenthrone as a 3 piece. With Michael Sliclen still in the fold, the new and current lineup was formed and work begun on the follow up to these 10 year old demos.

So how have these 10 year old tracks aged?……..unbelievably good. The songs are fresh and as intense as originally laid down. Hear for yourself and prepare to be Doomed.

Peace, Love and Cowbells



Danny Bays: guitar/voice Michael Sliclen: bass Charlie Taylor: drums The Greenthrone demos were recorded in Columbus, Ohio during 2010-2011. The new lineup is formed and working on an official follow up as of 2020.

GREENTHRONE, Columbus, Ohio. 711 likes. The Greenthrone demos available on bandcamp were recorded in Columbus, Ohio during 2010-2011. A new lineup is formed and working on an official follow up as…

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