A Classic Rock Ballad In 2020??

The new single from Jordy Baines, local musician in my hometown of Derby, brings the classic rock ballad to 2020… kind of (in a good way). My Silent Enemy is an excellent example of quality song writing and production. I’ve seen Jordy live at the open mics he puts on around Derby, but this is the first time I’ve heard anything non-acoustic from him, and it leaves me wanting more. The beautiful classical piano quota and reverb heavy backing vocals bringing in the track gives me chills every time. Then an effect heavy bass brings in the lead vocal and neither of these are to be scoffed at. Poignant lyrics pared with the melodic bassline really bring out the emotion, all with that haunting piano underlying everything. There’s some added synth work thrown in, which is a nice touch, but for me feels slightly too stripped back. The drums also go for a largely subdued approach, which while I can appreciate, I feel need to become larger and heavier as the song goes on, but that’s just my personal preference. This song clearly isn’t meant to entirely copy the classic rock formula, but my heart is crying out for some kind of climax, and I feel a guitar solo could really have helped in that regard. However, I applaud Jordy for taking a different approach to a ballad than a more traditional one would be. It gives the song a more relaxed vibe while still maintaining tension. I will recommend this song based on the first half alone, and it’s still a quality listen if you are into less traditional rock or just feel like chilling out. I’ll still definitely be adding it to my playlists when it is released despite my constructive feedback. It is truly an emotional experience and it’s obvious how much heart and soul has been put into this track. Also, as someone who knows him a little bit, I know how hard Jordy works and he deserves commendation for that alone. Jordy has proven himself not only to be a really cool dude but a really good songwriter and producer, and I will be following him closely in his progression from a local musician into someone I have no doubt will be successful. The track is going to be released on the 15th of May and I’ll be sharing it all over when it is out so keep your eye on the page and of course on Jordy as well!

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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