It’s Time To Do Nothing

A perfect blend of frantic guitar, a driving rhythm section and Chris Bailey’s crooning vocals are what make up the minimalist powerhouse that is Do Nothing. My Dad mentioned these guys to me a while back and I’ve become obsessed these last few weeks. While I’m certain most people in the underground punk scene have heard “LeBron James” or “Gangs” Do Nothing’s entire short but ever so sweet discography is worth listening to.

Musically Do Nothing take influence from many other post punk bands both old and new. I can see many influences from bands such as Ought and Radiohead. However, they clearly have a definitive sound. Sure, they may have strong basslines and a handsome vocalist, but what band doesn’t? It’s the little mutes, chucks and sparse notes from the guitar, such as those heard on “Handshakes.” This coupled with the expert use of cymbals from the drummer really bring out this soundscape.

By that, I do not mean that the bass and vocals should be overlooked. The bassline to “Gangs” is inspired and the bass tone on each track is brilliant, though that’s not difficult to achieve with a P bass. Each member of Do Nothing brings something to the table, expanding the musical palette, and they must be applauded for that. A lot of bands, especially young ones such as this, have a focus on one particular instrument. Yet despite their youth, Do Nothing have achieved balance, or harmony, if you’ll excuse the musical pun.

However, if I had to point out any one performer, it’d have to be the frontman. And while it is unique and very cool, no it is not for his vocal style. Bailey’s charisma as a frontman rivals a young Morrissey (though hopefully this one won’t turn into a racist) and this is all without leaving his mic stand, something unheard of from most acts. That signature mic grip has already become ingrained in my consciousness and makes me want to try it for my own live shows.

The fashion too should be mentioned. Sandstrom, Howarth and Harrison look like your typical rock band, but Bailey wears a suave tan suit and sunglasses, which coupled with his disorderly vocal style creates quite the impression.

Their latest track “Uber Alles” is quickly becoming a favourite, largely thanks to its hypnotic introduction. It is available now along with many other great tracks on your favourite streaming sites, and there is even a vinyl version, which I am definitely considering. Now all I need is for their merch to come back in stock! Now you’ve finished reading my inane ramble, check out Do Nothing! Link below.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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