Country Punks and Indie Pops: Langkamer

Describing themselves as “Country punks” Langkamer blend indie rock and funky alternative pop with a signature twang unheard from others in the genre. Their new single “Full Contact” is a brilliant example of everything Langkamer stand for.

The growling bass and singing lead guitar fight for your attention as the track opens, but I would be remiss to not mention the excellent drumming, with that awesome introductory stuttering hi hat. The sheer fact that the drummer is also lead vocal boggles my mind. This coupled with the underlying rhythm guitar provides a substantial groove for the bass and guitar to wander over.

To contrast the funky verses, the chorus of course has to be very loud, very cool sing along over punk chords. It’s brief, but critically leaves a lasting impact. This is something a lot of bands in this style get wrong. Either they get lost in the funk, or try to overdo the chorus. Langkamer prove their mastery of arrangement, remembering what is important. The song.

Unfortunately this restraint appears to dissipate in the last few seconds of the tune. What should have been either an impactful stop or a longing fade out is replaced by a short bass solo. I’m all for bass solos in music, I’m a bassist myself. However here it just isn’t necessary. The bass before this point I absolutely loved because it was so present and damn funky. But I can only call this last section an example of self indulgence. I wouldn’t have minded if it was a break earlier in the song, perhaps before the guitar solo. But to end on it? Disappointing.

Still despite the last ten seconds attempt, the song is entirely worth it for the catchy choruses, excellent vocals both lead and backing, the awesome playing and most importantly the FUNK. Langkamer come highly recommended.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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