The Gulps

Listening to the 4 track ep release ‘In The Kings House’ by the 5 piece indie band The Gulps my head was rushing with ideas on who they reminded me of. I could hear a rocky/punky sound of many decades ago and bands like The Clash, Kinks, and Rolling Stones came to mind along with Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era added with unusual/interesting inflections on the words by the lead vocalists.
I must confess that I had not heard of The Gulps before and a quick Google search showed that this Camden based indie band are currently a favourite in the London music scene and they are supported by the record label Youth Sounds which was set up by one of my all time favourite bassists Martin Glover ‘Youth’ of Killing Joke-if ever you read this Youth, I saw you live in 1978 or 1979-I really cannot remember the exact year but I sure remember the gig!

Anyway back to The Gulps-the members of the band consist of Harry All lead vocals, Franco Buffone guitar, Charlie Green guitar, Simon Mouchard bass, Raoul Khayat drums and they have brought together a sound of the best 60’s/70’s rock, punk and pop and mixed it with a truly European and Middle Eastern influence. In fact I think this band could develop in any direction they choose and make it sound polished.

Track 1-THE Kings House has a bass and guitar riff similar to Blur’s Song 2 but pulling more on a 70’s New Wave feel. It has a classic verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, instrumental, verse 3, chorus, instrumental, end composition and I can imagine these guys go down well in small venues and a packed room.

Track 2-My Girl From Liverpool has a catchy melody that keeps you guessing on the journey it’s taking you on and a solid Kinks style pop song sound. Lots of swagger and enthusiasm dominate this track and they are confident of the performance they deliver.

Track 3-Lola Cola made me think of European Rock and I was reminded of holidays in France many years ago when I would listen to their version of the Punk Rock/New Wave sounds. Power pop rock at it’s best.
Track 4-Let Me Say I’m The One is a really catchy song that has a great Clash/Rolling Stones sound. I’m sure this song will get the crowd jumping around with great guitar licks and a solid bass and drums holding the rhythm.

With every song on this ep coming in between 3 minutes 15 seconds and 3 minutes 30 seconds they have the perfect length of time for interested radio stations to play and I’m confident they will not be disappointed. Go Go The Gulps!

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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