Talking To Myself Again

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Lost Remnants, a band that originally formed in the late eighties and in the past couple of years have reunited. Last year they released their debut album Talking to Myself Again and after being rather impressed with the CD they so kindly sent me I’ve finally gotten around to writing this. Talking to Myself Again is an interesting record for sure. The mixing of influences creates a unique style unheard in the modern music scene. Tracks like A Big Issue verge on being something the late great Ric Ocasek would write for The Cars in the late seventies. Considering when the band formed originally it’s no wonder the new wave influences clear on this absolute tune. Then you’ve got the more relaxed folk songs such as Homefires which are in stark contrast to the heavily produced No Hope Goes There. I particularly enjoy the intro to this track. The layers of vocals really create an atmosphere. It’s really hard to pinpoint exactly where this album comes from, as there is such a variety of styles on display here. From rock to indie to folk, all listeners can get something they enjoy from this record.

All the musicians playing on this record are clearly top of the class, from the haunting vocal to the dynamic guitar work and behind it all you’ve got that steady bass and drums holding it all together. However, my favourite piece of instrumentation featured on this brilliant record is that beautiful organ and keys playing. It really brings out that seventies vibe that some of these tracks have and is the standout performance on this entire record. The addition of horns on a few songs is also appreciated.

It’s absolutely brilliant that bands from as far back from the late eighties are still getting together to jam without much in the way of fame or money as an incentive. The love of music is clear in this band and on this record. I wish Lost Remnants all the luck in the world and I will wait with bated breath for the follow up to this amazing album. Talking To Myself Again can be found on Spotify as well as in physical form. Check out Lost Remnants on Facebook for more details.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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