“The noisiest thing from Barnsley” is noise rockers Toronto Blessings claim to fame, and while I don’t know Barnsley, from the sheer sonic force emanating from this cacophonous three piece, I’d reckon they are correct in this assumption. This is a rock trio out for blood.

Their latest single U V U is a stand out track from their short but mighty discography. With just 5 songs on their Spotify, U V U no doubt has the most impact, thanks largely to the brilliantly raw vocals. You can really hear the emotion and rage there. The singer is belting out lyrics with the impact of a battle axe, and when you hear his voice straining, it just adds to the sound, countering the harshness of his shouts with the higher register of the more stressed moments of the vocal track.

The other instruments are not to be scoffed at either, in particular the bass, it’s consistent drive and tone is reminiscent of Adam Devonshire of Idles, which I can assure you is the highest compliment I can give a fellow bassist. The rhythm section as a whole is wonderfully tight, with the quirky drum beat catching your ear while still maintaining a simple groove.

Lastly we come to the guitar, which provides a perfect accent to the track. Generally In a rock three piece such as this a guitarists job is to provide both the lead and rhythm guitar parts simultaneously, a difficult task indeed. Many three piece bands have the guitarists simply play rhythm guitar aside from a solo as it’s a lot easier, however the guitar here goes in the opposite and more difficult direction, taking a largely lead approach, counter balancing the steady bass and drums so excellently.

In summary, a powerful song from a powerfully under-appreciated trio. I still can’t believe that these songs haven’t hit a thousand listens yet, they are a superb example of noise rock. To any young budding musicians thinking of getting into noise rock, start here. Toronto Blessings have all the elements which make noise rock great, yet with their own unique voice.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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