The Bells of Winter

Just when I was thinking that we have a distant lack of songwriting duo’s these days, I get an email from a folk duo based out of where? Israel! That’s just about the last country I expect to hear a Simon & Garfunkel influenced Christmas song from. But that’s the great thing about music, no matter where in the world you are, you can always find great records.

Tomer Haim Shaked & Iris Mazor have created a perfect blend of folk, country, blues, and rock. “Bells of Winter” is a song filled with the mirth and joy one finds in the holiday season. Iris’ lyrics are so delicate and emotional, lines such as “The aroma of burning incense tears” evokes the scent of their hometown of Tel Aviv and are balanced perfectly with lyrics that everyone who has experienced the love of family in wintertime can relate to. Iris has been writing lyrics and poetry for years and that experience really shows in the quality of the work.

Tome Haim Shaked is known for his work as a music teacher for children in his local community and for playing in the Tvarag music influenced band Samna. His work as a writer and composer for this piece is excellent. The subtle use of that country twang and delicate bell work adds to the track, I love how simple the guitar solo is and I want to hear more from these two. I’m not usually a big Christmas person. But I am feeling the spirit after listening to this track.

I’d also like to note the superb production and mixing. I can hear every instrument in the correct place, even the bells. Without experience, it’s certainly difficult to get such a quiet part of the song to stand out without being overpowering. The engineer should be given props for such fine work.

Ordinarily, I would leave a section of the review for criticism and constructive feedback. Not that the song is perfect. There is no such thing. But Bells of Winter achieves all its goals and surpasses them in many ways. It is a sensitive and delicate song and I think it is superb. Highly recommended if you want some Christmas time warmth.

Peace, Love & Cowbells,


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