Jem Woolley: Skyscrapers

Nottingham artist Jem Woolley is a busy musician with his solo work and he plays with Mighty Lightweights and Edward Stackpoole but this lockdown release is a belter that deserves your time. Skyscrapers reminds me of the best in 70’s experimental synth electronica and has a great ‘play and record once only’ feel to it. Jem informed me that he made this album by mainly using his iPad and downloading lots of free synth apps and basic laptop recording software which only helps to give it a real homemade vibe.  He confesses to recently listening to lots of stuff like Tangerine Dream, Steve Reich and Terry Riley since his lockdown in March Listen to tracks Night Light, Ghosts and Endurance on the album if you’re into the Brian Eno feel and know that lockdown just got a little better.

 Peace, Love and Cowbells


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