You Won’t Believe Your Eyeball?

Eyeball originate from Raleigh, North Carolina USA and consist of Trey McLamb-drums/synth/vox, Myriam Martian-guitars/art-noise/vox, Brian Oaksford-bass/guitars/vox, Aaron Albrecht-synth/vox. Formed in 2015 these four musicians have developed a psychedelic wall of sound that explores the possibilities of synth and effects with no limits. They give us their third release Spectromania, a digital 7” single with the tracks ‘Visions Of A Moment Made’ and ‘Delirium’

‘Visions Of A Moment Made’ at just over 7 minutes long is an epic sound that builds layer upon layer of synth/guitar sounds and supported by a solid rhythm foundation. You’ve gotta love the eerie riffs throughout the track that help to keep you feeling uncomfortable with the journey these guys take you on. I love the patience the band shows in developing this track to epic psychedelic heights and then falling away at the end to leave you feeling exhausted. And then… “Delirium” kicks in and wastes no time with frenetic drumming and heavy riffs so that they can cram everything in the 2 minute 55 second track. Nervous and frantic at all times, this is a great song and is over to soon…and I’m wanting more. Give Eyeball a listen and then another listen…

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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