This Band Is REPAIRS-ing Post Punk

Nicola Edwards, a friend of mine and bassist/vocalist for post punk sensation Repairs recently contacted me to let me know about Repairs new single “Last Chances”. Well I’ve had a listen. Or two. Or three. To be honest I’ve forgotten, it’s been on repeat for the last hour. And as with every song I review, is still playing while I write this.

There’s elements of bands both old and new here. I feel as this is as if Estrons and Sonic Youth had a beautiful baby, and while I hate children, this one is pretty cool. You’ve got the heavy rhythm and Riot Grrl vocals of Estrons, coupled the swirling guitar sounds of Sonic Youth and even elements of Joy Division. This makes for an intense and addictive sound.

I do feel however, as they market their sound as “catchy sad pop” they don’t quite hit it on the catchy front for this particular tune. It’s an absolute banger, full of atmosphere and meaning in both sound and lyrics. But there’s no particular vocal hook like you would hear on a pop record, not that this is really a pop record but I feel that all bands should have a pop sensibility. The vocals are definitely cool, well performed and I love the background vocals. Nicola has an interesting and intense voice, and I absolutely love that. I believe that this style benefits the band greatly, but in terms of catchiness? I feel as though the verses draw you in excellently, but when the chorus kicks in there should have been something a bit less staccato. If that section was instead a pre-chorus leading to a massive punky chorus with some epic vocals, there could have been more impact. However, this style does make the song unique and that is to be applauded in an age where the majority of post punk sounds the same.

One thing I will compliment the chorus for are those awesome guitar chords, I’d love to chat with the band about how they got that sound and that tone. Such intensity is rarely heard and I greatly appreciate it. In fact the whole song sounds great tone-wise and is brilliantly produced. Trying to get an atmospheric sound while still maintaining a raw punk edge is no easy task. Hats off to the producer.

Overall, a brilliantly written, performed and produced track despite my criticism. I really hope they get this track on Spotify ASAP so I can add it to my playlists alongside post/alternative punk legends like Idles and Wolf Alice. Repairs can go toe to toe with such acts and I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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