Making An Album In Lockdown?! Vagabong Has.

Two weeks ago I reviewed Vagabong’s debut single ‘Unite’ and now they’ve only gone and released their debut album! ‘Dystopium Blues’ is a 9 track concept piece of work that explores the idea of freedom for all humanity-a concept that should surely be reality for us all. Band members Scott Makepeace, Kev Magnesh, Ian Eggy, Jack D Smith, Dan Millwater and Gavin Spotiswood have surprised me again by rehearsing, recording, mixing, mastering and releasing this entire album from their respective bedrooms and the band have not even met up yet because of the lockdown madness that is upon us all.

The album starts with a recording of the House of Commons being told to give order by the Speaker John Bercow and the voices start to change into chattering monkeys, out of control and out of order. This is the taste of some beautiful Stoner Rock vibes that take you on a journey that is strong, powerful and inspiring with tracks Witness, Now We Fight Like Wolves, This Is Our World, Vampires Of The Soul, The Call, A Message From Jiddu, Stoned Instrumental and then finally ending with the single track Unite. A great debut album guys alongside the great debut single last month. I hope to see the band play live when lockdown is over and I hope to see you all there.

Peace, Love and Cowbells Bassey

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