Psychedelic Stoner Rock Goodness!

Vagabong are simply stoner rock at its best. South Shields based and they provide the kinda sound if Sabbath and Pink Floyd got together for a jam party that lasted for days and days. Their lead guitarist Scott Makepeace informs me that the band formed just as Covid 19 hit us all and they have not actually met up yet in the same room!!!! All songwriting, rehearsals and recordings have taken place remotely and the results are awesome. The members of the band are Scott Makepeace on lead guitar, Kev Magnesh on guitar (and responsible for artwork/videos), Ian Eggy on keys, Jack D Smith on guitar, Dan Millwater on bass and Gavin Spotiswood on drums/percussion.

Unite has that heavy, thunderous sound of layered guitar riffs against a monstrous rhythm of bass and drums but this single also has a few surprises with changes in tempo throughout-very reminicent of some early Sabbath work and it gives an epic overall sound. If this is a short taste of the soon to be released album then bring it on. I am also reminded of the psychedelic sounds of the late 1960’s and the lyrics makes this a real anthem for the lockdown Summer which is nearly with us!!

Bring it on Vagabong we are all waiting

Peace, Love and Cowbells Bassey

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