Fake Friends

From South Wales this duo of talent Ieu Llewellyn and Arron Hopkins bring you a fusion/genre blend of Pop/Indie/Dance and others thrown in to make a great recipe. I have immersed myself in their two releases, ep’s Are We Cool Yet and the more recent Seaside Fridge Magnets and I’m totally hooked. Yes it has elements of Pop and Indie but it is so much more and I can hear influences from Gorillaz, Joy Division, Sudden Sway (don’t worry no one will remember them -unfortunately) and a smattering of Grandaddy.

I’m excited that these guys are not yet truly discovered……..as I know great things will surely come their way with this sound once the lockdown horrors are over and the best is still to come. They have a sound that oozes confidence and some epic tuuuunes that made me play them several times. This is like a great book you want to re read again and again with my favourites Mauve Wednesday and Poetry Traced In Red literally on ‘play again’ meltdown. They have a confidence in their songwriting that allows them to take you on a journey full of surprises. Layer upon layer of sounds that give the journey a change in scenery on each track.

Fake Friends are the real thing. Fake Friends forever!Peace,

Peace, Love and Cowbells-Bassey


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