Never Stop Love-ing this track!

Nottingham has been waiting, waiting for the release of a new single by the multi intrumentalist Bradley Drawn Boy and I’ve been lucky to hear the early release! Out now and you gotta give this track a listen. A 5 minute 30 second track to take you away from all this madness and to a time of the 90’s house genre fused with a dash of shoegaze/alternate rock. The sound is big and epic and leaves you wanting to hear much more. I can hear rhythms of the Happy Mondays and a mood of New Order and it sounds trippy as the layers are laid on you. You gotta hear this on headphones to experience the immense sound that Bradley Drawn Boy has developed and it’s not always easy to dance with plug in headphones-I know cos I tried it!

This may be a do it yourself project but this track will do it for everyone.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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