DNR’s are being given to autistic support groups?!

I just can’t even understand why anyone would sign off on this. These letters calling for DNR’s came from actual GP’s. People supposed to protect us. The NHS is the best thing this country has to offer I’m not denying that. But in my experience they’ve been terrible when it comes to assisting people with autism. It took years of fighting just to get me diagnosed and I’ve seen no support from them since I had that diagnosis. And now they want to kill us. Innocent people whose only crime was being born.

For those who don’t know, GP’s surgeries throughout the U.K. have handed out “Do Not Resuscitate” letters to an autistic support group. This has quickly been taken back after justified outrage but the fact this even happened is beyond disgusting. It is the most heinous, horrific act of hatred I’ve seen against my people as a whole. Most autistic people receive individual discrimination for who they are from those around them. But rarely do we get attacked as a whole group. I am in shock and fury for good reason. To my fellow autists, have hope, you are not alone, we will not allow this to happen. To the ones who signed off on this, I hope you die a slow death for what you’ve done

Anger, retribution and Cowbells,


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