Yammerer: Reality Escape Resort

Yammerer released Reality Escape Resort ep late last year and for some reason I completely missed it-my mistake and my loss but I can now make up for lost time. Let me start by saying they are really really really good and I really really really like them. They have deliberately chosen to avoid social media so that listeners/fans/curious folk will make an effort to seek and find them. This ep is available on bandcamp and vinyl (great value for money by the way) and that is it. You must make the effort to search for them and you must take the time to consider if you like them.

This 4 track ep has set the bar for me this year and I can hear influences of Gang of Four, Wire (now who remembers them?), Julian Cope and The Fall. The members are Perm Doner-drums, Connor Simpson-bass, Steve Dee-guitar, Gajo Paco-guitar and J George JC-vocals and this post punk, psychedelic sound they have developed into a raw, energised sound with many layers that just keep getting better the more you listen.

Rather than list each of the 4 tracks and try to discuss each song I’m gonna give my opinion of the overall feel I have from the entire ep-driving bass lines alongside tight drums are the foundation, leaving the guitarists to freely riff to their hearts content and raw, emotional vocals that leave you uneasy, almost disturbed. There is such urgency in their songs that you are left with an itch that cannot be scratched. It’s intense, raw, emotional and now have to see them play live somewhere, anywhere.


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