Blackwaters: From “Down” To “Two Time Lover”

Having loosely followed the band since the release of their 2017 single “Down” I jumped at the chance to see Blackwaters live when they played my city. However sadly my dumbass brain decided to have a complete mental health episode at the time so I’m afraid I couldn’t make the gig. I was super hyped to see them and I wanted to review the gig for Needs More Cowbell, but instead at high demand (literally one person, but this ones for you Rita!) I decided to review their latest single.

“Two Time Lover” is definitely an interesting track, that potentially says a lot about the industry today. I’ve had a look through their entire discography and they’ve undergone quite the development. It’s still upbeat punk tunes all the way through, however it’s clear the boys have been trying to move in a slightly more accessible direction. Taking hints from the early 2000’s rock music scene. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. This is a cut throat business. With the success of indie pop rockers Blossoms recently, with their second number one album. It’s really no surprise that bands are starting to take notice of that and want a taste of that success.

These days its damn near impossible to get attention from both mainstream audiences and most importantly, the major record labels as a dirty underground punk band. You have a few bands in that stream of consciousness that have achieved a modicum of success like idles with a top ten hit. But it’s clear that Blackwaters were never going to be huge stars with their old sound, as much as I would love them to be.

They’ve certainly dropped most of the rage and angst heard in tracks like “Let The Good Times Roll” in favour for a cleaner guitar sound and lyrical themes that, while I’m not a fan of, I can understand that they are more approachable now. I’m also really missing the dirty bass that was a key reason why I loved those early singles so much. However the intended audience seems to be loving it! Blackwaters are getting more and more talked about and the fact that they are currently on a headline UK tour shows that the new ideas are working.

While I feel as though they’ve lost some of their edge, these past few singles aren’t bad songs. They do exactly what they set out to do. Catchy, fun, romantic, charming. These things “Two Time Lover” has plenty of. It’s worth a listen and the tunes can easily worm their way into your head. There’s not much more I can say as I’m personally not a fan of the new sound, and I’m sure I’m not the only fan who feels slightly alienated. But as I said these songs are fun and I’d happily see them live the next time I get the chance and probably dance my ass off to them. I wish all the success and happiness for the band. Good luck lads, you’ll need it!

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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