Desenser are a hardcore punk band from Sheffield and they are brilliant. There I’ve said it and I guess the rest of this review will simply support my first sentence. They are Tyler Shield (vocals), Daniel Hudson (guitar), Daniel Law (Bass) and Luke Smith (drums) and I had the privilege of a private early stream to the 4 track E.P. and I immediately loved the sound, feel, taste and smell of it. I hate to sound geeky but the minute I heard this E.P. I contacted the band and asked them to hold back a copy of their cd for me-if you read this guys can you sign it as well for me, cheers. They have been a band for around 4 years, with Daniel Law joining last Summer and they rely on chunky sounding riffs rather than complex melodies…….basic sounds and a fast, high energy pace that waits for no man. I can hear punk, post punk, metal, industrial and so many other fast paced sounds that want to hurt your ears!
Track 1-Normality hits you hard from the moment you press play and I dare you to keep still while it’s on. Hold on, don’t relax cos Track 2-Black Hole Eyes is now hitting you just as hard and I loved the dirty bass sound that worked hard with the drums to keep everything in order while the guitar and vocals ripped everything up. Track 3-Someone Who’s Not There fools you into thinking ahhhh a slower number to ease up a bit…..but no, the guys tear into this song with the same energy and the vocals are amazing. Finally Track 4-Curtains, which is also their debut single is absolutely massive in sound.
I don’t normally give scores on a review but for this release I give it 11 out of 10

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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