Curtis Simmons Band: Lost And Found Again

Curtis Simmons has been around a long time now, he was previously a session musician and has shared the stage with some very grown up artists including Robert Plant, Tracey Chapman, Eric Clapton, Damien Marley and Sheryl Crow. His band members include Joel Arnaud, Maria Negre and Romain Delettre and collectively they make very grown up music. The ‘Lost and Found Again’ 7 track E.P. lasts just under 30 minutes and takes you on a journey that is influenced by some of the greatest artists you can imagine including Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground, Bowie, The Beatles, Lemmy, and Tom Petty (amongst others). Track 1 -Sweet Child Josephine is just over 4 minutes long and heavy with guitar riffs you think you’ve heard before but cannot recall where, a steady rock tempo that is heavy with a solid beat and a great opening song. Track 2-She Just Likes Champagne has a great swing feel and heavy with riffs again, good bass fuzz and wouldn’t sound out of place on a Bowie album from his Ziggy era. Track 3-Only The Blind Can See has a more gentle approach and some great bass and drums rhythms, vocals are more subtle and help to build the song into a great number. Track 4-Why Don’t I has a great 70’s feel and builds into a powerful rock sound and a riff that reminded me of Marc Bolan’s work. Track 5-Cocaine has a classic Motorhead feel and a subject that Lemmy would have been happy to sing about. Track 6-How Long has a rock/reggae fusion influenced song and mellows the mood. Finally Track 7-Lost and Found Again leaves the E.P. with the heaviest sound on the E.P. and I can imagine this track sounds awesome played live. Grown up musicians with grown up songs and a grown up E.P.-strictly for Grown ups.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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