Kath and The Kicks

Heavy garage rock at its finest, the latest Kath and The Kicks single, Walls Between Us, is a roaring track showing off each member of the trio at their best. Tight drums, screaming guitar, nice muddy bass and vocals reminiscent of the legendary Annie Lennox or Goth icon Siousxie Sou, this isn’t a band to be underestimated. Even if somehow you don’t like this single, Kath and the Kicks have plenty more songs to pick from, all with a wide array of influences and styles. But at their core? Pure rock n roll.

It really is amazing how varied the sound that these three have created is. From their latest raw heavy single, to the electro-rock Let It Out, or the lyrically brilliant The Lethal Parrot. There really is so much to choose from. Kath and The Kicks absolutely ooze style, and they are excellent and interesting songwriters. They are also one of several up and coming female fronted acts, which I desperately hope is the precursor to a second Riot Grrl Movement. 

Now this band is really good, there is no doubting that, but to be honest I’m struggling to make this review long enough, there really isn’t much to be said. These three are really cool and are definitely worth paying attention to, but I’ve reviewed so many rock bands over the past week that they are starting to blur together, even with the wide array of sounds on display here, it takes a band truly special to capture the hearts and minds of listeners. You need so many things now in order to “make it” as a rock musician. You need pop songwriting, punk live performance, a great sense of identity while still remaining diverse in your style. On the final point, Kath and The Kicks really knock it out of the park, I can instantly tell who this is no matter how different the genre, thanks in part to the exquisite vocals. While their songs are superb, I feel as though they need to work on having catchier songs if they ever aim to reach a broader market. Even so, I’d highly recommend checking Kath and The Kicks out, all of their stuff is available on Spotify, it’s worth it just to marvel at how one band can create so many different sounds!

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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