Yur Mum

Oi! You lot! I have found a band.

One so heavy, angry and full of pure energy that listening to them damn near blew my head off. 

The tones are immense; the vocals screaming; the drums pounding. 

 Yur Mum.

 Yur Mum is badass.

 Yur Mum is insane.

 Yur mum…. I could go on with the jokes but seriously, this band is absolutely mental, and they are only a two piece! They were right –

Listen to Yur Mum. 

Blending stoner rock, hardcore punk and a handy helping of angst, Yur Mum blasts its way into your mind and onto your Spotify playlists. Their latest EP, Ellipsis, has a vocal sound akin to L7, Veruca Salt or just a very pissed off Courtney Love. A monster guitar and bass tone straight off of a Kyuss record and expertly placed drum lines. It’s a flashback to the nineties while still keeping itself relevant in a modern context by taking previous ideas and pushing them even further, to their absolute limit. My favourite example of this is Closure. That intro has bassline and vocal melody straight off a Hole record with some lovely psychedelic wah guitar work that just hypnotises you. But it gradually builds into something more along the lines of a Smashing Pumpkins tune. The element of catchiness during the chorus of this song really ties it all together, proving that even the heaviest band can have a pop sensibility. 

When I listen to these two, I can imagine myself in 1991 driving down the desert road from Palm Springs to some generator party smack bang in the middle of nowhere. Yur Mum is bringing the palm desert scene back in 2019 for a whole new audience and I couldn’t be happier about it. I highly recommend checking these two out. I’ve also had the pleasure of listening to some of their earlier work and I found the intro and outro to their first record to be a stroke of genius. 

Personally, I love this style but the one thing I would say is that if they want to gain access to a wider market, they should try their utmost to combine their core sound with something new. What they do, they do better than the originators in my opinion. But you can’t ride the coattails of nineties nostalgia forever. To truly achieve success in this industry you’ve got to be something innovative, which is a truly difficult thing to do. If they manage that, with a healthy bit of luck, they could go far. Still, Yur Mumis still epic in its current state. I love this band, with powerful vocals bone crunching bass tones, wah-some guitar licks and a drummer who just abuses his kit.

I wouldn’t fuck with Yur Mum. 

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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