Far From Livid London

Well at this point this band has probably forgotten they have asked me for a review, as I’ll be honest, it’s been a while. To be totally honest I’ve been very busy having just started university and I was already backed up with posts for several weeks. But even through all that I never forgot folk punk duo The Spirits. Wonderfully charming, brilliantly atmospheric for just a two-piece band and seemingly very lovely from the brief email conversation I had with them some months ago. It’s hard to believe they have less than fifty likes on their Facebook page, please do go show them some love and tell them Oscar sent you, I’m sure they will appreciate it and I know I certainly would

. Based in north London, the pair have played many gigs on the capital’s indie circuit with the lovely Stevie on guitar and the brilliant Vanessa on percussion, mainly the cajon for the live performances but with some excellent additions to the rhythmic elements on the more produced tracks, my favourite of which being the upbeat and catchy Far from Livid London which is interesting in both its message and musical content.

Starting and with the sound of various birdsongs and calls and with a simple but strong guitar pattern being the main attraction alongside the emotive vocals from Stevie. While for my untrained ear it is hard to determine exactly what the other instrument is beyond the main beat, guitar line and vocals they certainly add to the track. Though perhaps it could be turned up slightly, I think it may be an organ but its really hard to distinguish. The title and lyrics of track also display an interesting contempt for London that I wouldn’t expect from a London based band, perhaps there is a story behind that. Either way, a tantalising track from a powerful pair. The band has a sway of more highly produced tracks all over their SoundCloud but most if not all of them are also available on their website and Facebook page in a live format. I’m sure all of my lovely readers would appreciate at least a single tune from The Spirits, but I’m confident many of you will fall in love with many of these simply superb songs. 

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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