Fuck The Patriarchy.

The fact that these testosterone filled, perverted bastards feel that they can prey on young women without consequence is just abhorrent. I’m not saying every man is like this but it seems like the majority of men I come across are privileged arseholes, you might say it’s just a loud minority but when we live in a society based upon male dominance then surely the majority of men are going to get a sense of entitlement and abuse their power. When I hear stories of mental, physical and sexual abuse. When my friends lives have been torn apart because some scumbag noticed they were vulnerable or perhaps were doing the high crime of not watching their drink closely enough. When you get straight white men strutting about like they own the place, but is it a surprise when it is 99% of the time a straight white man does indeed own the place? I feel such hatred towards these scum. I myself am a white man coming from a middle class background and yet even with that privilege I can fucking control myself unlike these filth. You get men crying “crazy SJW libtard” whenever a woman stands up for herself or simply gets sick of the system. You get male politicians strangling female protestors. Male rockstars and sports “heroes” raping young girls who’ve been brainwashed by the media to submit to them. Men who feel they are well within their right to impregnate a girl half their age and then leave them with a baby to take care of and not pay child support. To the minority’s who have to struggle under the patriarchy allow me to apologise for the members of my gender who decide to act in such awful ways. There are those of us who aren’t like that, as rare as we may seem. You aren’t alone. You have allies. You are powerful. Keep fighting.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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