Just Another Liberal Rant…. also Fuck Nazis

I was watching one of my favourite youtubers today (Tomska) and he mentioned in the particular video I was watching that as much as he believed in gender equality, he did not describe himself as a feminist anymore because he could not handle the backlash that comes from using that label. The fact that a large portion of our society has decided that the term feminist is somehow a bad thing has really upset and angered me. As a proud feminist and believer in social justice I strongly believe in equal rights for all. Hell, I’ve even got Riot Grrl tattooed on my knuckles. So this throwaway phrase from Tomska has been on my mind for a few hours now and frankly I’m seething. I know some might say the people who are saying anti feminist things on the internet are just trolls trying to get a reaction, and that in modern society nearly all people believe in the western world believe in women’s rights. I’m afraid that’s just not the case. The right has been rearing it’s ugly head of late, and you can see it’s influence all over the net and in real life. It used to be that Nazis were considered the root of all evil, the evil that millions died fighting, and yet today we find them everywhere, from little, basement dwelling children calling anyone with a sense of respect for their fellow human an SJW liberal (which by the way, I am proud to call myself both SJW and liberal) to sieg heiling far right terrorists attacking mosques and waving swastikas. Even our leaders are leaning further and further right. Whether it be the Tories here or Trump over in the U.S. sexism is everywhere. It’s just awful. Also, the imbeciles who claim that they have the right to be discriminatory because of free speech can simply fuck off. Free speech is great and all, but not when it’s being abused to hurt others. You might say it’s just words but words have a huge impact on our society. Hateful words fuel hateful actions and people have, can and will die from it. Something needs to be done. I don’t know what, but we cannot stand for this kind of behaviour. All I can do as a blogger and musician is simply write and shout about it as much as I can to raise awareness. I encourage all of my friends and readers to vote responsibly, and even go as far as to email your local MP demanding they condemn any sexist, transphobic, homophobic or racist act, and to hold their fellow politicians accountable for their actions, such as a certain Tory bastard strangling a young female protester, or a particular president claiming he didn’t rape a woman because “she’s not his type”. These vile pieces of filth must be rooted out. They have no place in a civilised society.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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