Kim Jarvis: Bloodsucker

In just two minutes and seventeen seconds Kim Jarvis’s debut single Bloodsucker has more impact than songs two or three times the length. This catchy, upbeat, absolute banger of a tune is simple enough to be stuck in your head for days and yet possesses an intelligence and energy unheard in many bands both underground and mainstream today.

Kim Jarvis of Gaffa Tape Sandy fame is yet again proving what an excellent songwriter he is, and upon hearing his solo music you can clearly hear how his wonderfully upbeat garage style influences the Gaffa crew. The vocals hook you in, building in intensity throughout the song before the final emotional repeated cry of “I’m a Bloodsucker!” at the end of the track adds the final piece of the puzzle, ending the track powerfully and with a great sense of finality to it. The instrumental parts of the song hold up the vocals brilliantly, simple chords and drums support Kim’s singing with the controlled chaos of the lead guitar lines filling the space, adding noise and building a sense of frantic tension.

The video for Bloodsucker is also excellent, very DIY and authentic. From Kim casually lying back on the bed, playing his guitar and singing to the home video style shots of Kim and friends antics. The video and song combined create a warm, home made atmosphere to Kim’s debut leading to a wonderfully positive vibe.

A truly stand out track, I’ve had Bloodsucker on repeat since it came out a little over a week ago, I am desperately hoping it will be released on Spotify so I can add it to every single one of my many playlists, it’s just that good, but for now the song is available on Kim’s YouTube channel. Please support Kim’s work both in his solo career and with Gaffa Tape Sandy as they are both excellent and Kim is one of my favourite artists and a wonderful guy in general.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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