– Derby alt-rockers Verona take me back to being fifteen, at the height of my edgy phase. With influences like You Me At Six apparent in their sound, with a slight indie accent, Verona come out swinging with their debut single Breathe. Hypnotising, clean chords introduce the track, getting one hooked immediately. Shortly after, the distortion is stomped on for a further few loops of the simple yet catchy chord progression. The song quietens for the verse, and you can easily hear the indie influence with the dreamy guitar notes ringing out over the bass part. The chorus suddenly kicks in with a monstrous noise, contrasting the quiet verse beautifully. However it still remains catchy, thanks to the powerful vocals. Breathe continues in much the same fashion through the song until at two minutes and four seconds my favourite part of the song kicks in. A beautifully catchy and melodic lead guitar soars above the other instruments, so beautiful it’s no wonder it’s featured twice throughout this entire track. This bridge/ guitar solo hybrid has been stuck in my head since I saw Verona live two weeks ago at Dubrek Studios. I had such a good time that night both listening to and talking to the band that I decided to write this review. I’d definitely recommend going to see them if you can, and check out their music available on Spotify.

– Peace Love and Cowbells

– Oscar

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