I’m gonna take a second to talk about Brexit. Cool? Cool.

Brexit, many things have been said on the matter, what can I say that the politicians, who know way more about the inner dealings of Brexit, haven’t? As it turns out, quite a lot. You see around the time of the referendum, when the tv was full of people screaming at eachother on the matter(although, not much has changed since then) I overheard and saw many arguments on the subject. However, often those arguments are extreme. So it’s no wonder why we saw an increase in hate crime, why in the town I lived in at the time a group of morons went round posting flyers through people’s doors telling immigrants to leave Britain! Its these far right fuckheads that concern me. We’ve seen a trend in the U.K. leaning further to the right, informed by Brexit and the terror attacks in recent years, America has also seen a spike in far right movements, and with our two countries being so intertwined and Donald Trump dominating the news, so it’s again no wonder why we’ve seen this far right movement crop up. There needs to be a strong response to this extremism and who else to give that response than the young people of the U.K.? After all it’s our future that’s going to be messed up if Brexit goes to shit. The EU provides so much for this country, trade, jobs, security and people want to throw this away because they don’t like immigrants? How many immigrants are cleaners, bus drivers, retail workers? These are things that this country desperately needs! Some might say that those jobs should be going to British people, but I say those jobs should go to whoever does that job best, country of origin be damned. How can people not see the ridiculousness of hating immigrants? What you’ll enjoy a good curry but you’ll threaten a Sri Lankan woman? Can no one see the madness in that? Being part of the EU is so important to this country and we will lose so much more than we gain if we leave. Just look how the pound dropped after we voted leave. I’m still holding out hope for a second referendum but honestly I doubt it’ll happen. I say it’s the job of every young person to do something about this, write to your local MP’s, rise up and try and correct this countries awful mistake. Because once we leave, they won’t take us back, and if it goes wrong, we are royally screwed.

Will be back to regular posts next week.

Peace, Love and Cowbells,


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